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100% Indonesia Coffee

A Cup Of Indonesia: The World's Premium Coffee

Why You Should Try Civet Cat Coffee?

Civet Cat Coffee is One of The Most Expensive Coffees. I wanted to share a little about our coffees, and why I think they are so special. First of all, we buy our coffee from only the most reputable farms and mills in Indonesia.

✅ Smooth, Delicious And Balanced Flavour

Smooth, balanced flavour no other coffee can compare with and you can taste the richness of it in every sip.

✅ 100% Pure Civet Coffee

All our Civet Coffee are pure and explicitly collected and processed by the hands of our farmers.

✅ Quality

What makes a great cup of coffee? Quality, care, and preparation of coffee beans.

What Does Civet Cat Coffee Taste Like?

The taste of Civet Coffee is very subtle, there is no bitter taste, and there is a hint of fruity tart which is refreshing. The final taste or aftertaste of this most expensive coffee is very clean, leaving no bitterness.

Indonesian Civet Cat Coffee cat almost always has a unique fruity taste. In fact, coffee beans in each region have different taste characters. The natural fermentation process in the civet cat stomach is what gives off a strong fruity taste when it’s brewed.

Why is Civet Cat Coffee Expensive?

There are three main factors that make Indonesian Civet Coffee more expensive than coffee in general. The three factors are a long production process, the number of harvests that are not as big as ordinary coffee beans, and the taste of coffee that is not thick.

Civet Cat Coffee or Cat Poop Coffee is expensive because of a combination of high demand and the limited quantities of Civet Coffee that the civets can produce naturally.

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